Cover Blown! is a multiplayer, hidden information, mobile / board game hybrid, which has 3-5 players taking the role of cops bluffing and logically solving a murder mystery covered up by a secretly corrupt cop.

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5-20 min



Cardboard Edison Awards Finalist 2019!

"This game was so much fun!!! Social deduction games are usually too much Resistance/Werewolf based....this is a really fresh take on the genre. Cover Blown is the most engaging game I've played in a long time!"

Judge 1

"The game absolutely delivers on its promise of a quick, fun social-deduction experience, and the app is well-integrated into the game. I'd worried that the gun-pointing aspect wouldn't feel connected with the rest of the game, but it does because it's not a discrete phase. The pacing is good, and the game moves along briskly and doesn't overstay its welcome the way some social-deduction games can."

Judge 2

"Clearly the app integration is the draw here. At first I thought it was just a gimmick, but it seems like this is a genuine hybrid game that could only be played with the app. Love it."

Judge 3

"Social deduction games are wildly popular, but many feel the same. This provides a unique difference and play-experience, tied beautifully to the theme with the informants calling you. I also enjoy the fact that there is a murder to solve and the clock is running."

Judge 4

"This game is great fun, and leverages the exact right kind of tension I like to feel in games of this genre."

Judge 5
Cover Blown Game


Use your phone to choose whether you want your Confidential Informant to investigate suspects or weapons. Then listen carefully, as your confidential informant gives you secret clues.

The clues tells you which suspects have solid alibis or which weapons were cleared of DNA traces.


Agree on a suspect and weapon that you want to cross-examine.

One player requests the examination.

The game will reveal whether the suspect and weapon have a solid alibi, if one of them is suspicious, or if you found the murderer and the murder weapon and solved the case.

If you did not solve the case, a new day dawns


With the help of your secret confidential informant and your examine reports you can collectively sort your information. Maybe you can figure out how the murder was committed.

Just remember, at least one dirty cop is protecting the murderer and forestalling your investigation.


Is a player acting suspiciously? Pick up your gun and shoot!

At any time in the game, you can shoot another player!

You only have one bullet so you better be sure before pulling the trigger.

When a player dies the game is over – if an honest cop died, the dirty cops win and vice versa.

How to Play

5-20 min




Do you want free early access and help test and develop the game? 

Click the button to sign up.

Available on Android & IOS! 

What Players Say

It’s a fun concept that allows for a social tabletop gameplay experience which makes great use of your phone’s functionality

Worlds Biggest Beta Testing Site

One of the most salient thing about CoverBlown, is how it is a board game in which the digital element actually made a lot of sense

Miguel Sicart
Play Scholar

It was cool to receive calls, threatening with guns, and the time preassure made it intense and wild, but also fun! Still sweating...


It's awesome that the game changes depending on who you play with - people think differently. It creates intensity and dedication from people.


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