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Friendly Fire Studio
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Cover Blown! is a multiplayer, hidden information, mobile / board game hybrid, which has 3-5 players taking the role of cops bluffing and logically solving a murder mystery covered up by secretly corrupt cops.


Early history

Cover Blown was originally created in 2016 by Carl Johan Hanberg, Holger Stadel Borum, Jonas Hingeberg Ruge, and Mathias Munk Ulrich, as part of an exam assignment at IT University of Copenhagen - Our professor encouraged us to continue developing the game and get it published. Due to jobs, internships and other activities, we unfortunetly had to wait until we finished our studies in the summer 2018 - Here Carl and Mathias revived the project and has been working on it since.

After that

Cover Blown is currently available for both iOS and Android and is continously being development and tested before a release date is announced. Furthermore, we are currently looking for publishing partners. A kickstarter may be on the horizon.

Our Vision

We want to be at the frontier of Hybrid board games! The space between analog- and digital entertainment is not realized and taken as serious as we want it to be. We strive to design novel play experiences seen nowhere else, by searching and prototyping in this unmapped design space. Just Imagine a hybrid board game-MMORPG. Or a physical idle-clicker board game system hooked up to the internet of things. We have the ideas and the skills to execute them - our challenge is convincing the world they have yet to experience the unique and exhilarating experiences co-located hybrid board games has to offer.



How to Play YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (7MB)
Old Tokens and Rulesheet.png
Old PnP Cards.png
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There are far more images available for Friendly Fire Studio, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nothing yet - hopefully soon " -

Selected Articles

  • "It’s a fun concept that allows for a social tabletop gameplay experience which makes great use of your phone’s functionality."
    - AlphaBetaGamer, Article - AlphaBetaGamer.com - Worlds Biggest Beta Testing Site
  • "One of the most salient thing about CoverBlown, is how it is a board game in which the digital element actually made a lot of sense."
    - Miguel Sicart - Play Scholar, Miguel Sicart's personal Blog
  • "It was cool to receive calls, threatening with guns, and the time preassure made it intense and wild, but also fun! Still sweating..."
    - Play-Tester,
  • "Its awesome that the game changes depending on who you play with - people think differently. It creates intensity and dedication from people."
    - Play-Tester,

The Studio Behind
Cover Blown is developed by two guys calling themselves Friendly Fire Studio. You can check them out at friendlyfire.dk.

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